Hej alle sammen!

Welcome to the new Blog of ESN Odense. We thought that the time has come to give all of you guys who come to Odense, and of course anyone else who is interested, a platform where all information is collected about what is going on in Odense and good-to-know-things for you as a student and a visitor. Consider this as the ultimative survival guide of Odense.

So stay tuned if you want to read about student life, bars, life hacks and a bunch of international eve
nts coming up. Just one of the awesome things we are planning is to provide you guys with a map of all the cycle pump stations around the city.
The blog is mainly maintained by the PR committee of ESN Odense: a group of fun and creative students
who want to promote Odense’s international student life to everyone!

The blog is meant to help internationals having a good time in Odense. We will post a new topic every Tuesday so, if you like the idea and you want us to keep writing for you, please spread the word and share this site. If you have any idea or question, use the comment function.

Thanks and see you soon,
-ESN Odense-

ESN Odense – PR Committee