A trip through Northern Denmark

The Northern Denmark trip offers you a weekend trip to unique cities full of Danish charm and presents to you some of the most picturesque landscapes of the country. Together we discovered some small, hyggeligt towns an
d cities on our way from Odense up north.

We met at the train station in Odense on Saturday early in the morning to depart to Skagen. At noon, we arrived in the yellow town. Afterwards, we continued our bus ride to Grenen, the most  northern point of Denmark. This is where two seas meet – the Northsea and Kattegat. It is truly a spectacular site. Also, a bit windy 😃 Our next stop was Råbjerg Mile, the Danish desert. You would have never have expected to travel to a country such as Denmark so far up north on the map and land in a desert. Usually you of a desert being in the emirates or Africa. But this just goes to show that you do not have to travel far to experience all kinds of different nature. The desert is moving approximately 15 meters every year, which leads to the church nearby disappearing bit by bit. You are only able to see the church tower today.

Leaving Råbjerg Mile, we headed t
o Aalborg, our stop for the night. Here, we had some free time for dinner and to discover the city. The evening was spent in the famous Gaden (the street), the longest party street in Denmark where we enjoyed one hour of free beer.

Even though a bit tiered, everyone gathered one by one in the breakfast hall of our hotel to have a hearty breakfast with all kinds of variations. After breakfast, we continued our bus journey from the day before to the European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. We had some time for sightseeing and visited the famous ARoS museum, museum of modern Arts. This museum truly has some remarkable pieces such as a scratched Lamborghini and a giant.

ARoS was our last stop on this trip through northern Denmark, and we headed back to home sweet home, Odense, at around 5pm.
Northern Denmark and all its cities and nature is definitely worth a visit.


Here is what some of the participants have to say about the trip:

Stefania, from Italy

I loved the trip, we were very lucky with the weather, especially while we were in Aarhus, it was just perfect and we could enjoy the city. I loved the Danish desert and the view from the top of the ARoS museum. I was also ok with the schedule and the timing.



the trip was really good, we had a detailed travel plan, all the information we need, a nice bus and a good driver, so to me, everything was perfect.


The scenery is beautiful, especially during the time we went we only had sunny days, it made everything perfect and beautiful. The accommodation in Aalborg is in the city center, right beside the supermarket. It is convenient. I enjoyed the free time we had at each spot, it gave us freedom to explore the places. I think we might need more time in Skagen because we only had one hour touring the city, but it is a beautiful city, which might need more time to be looked at.


Dominik, from Germany

I thought the trip was amazing. The perfect combination between beach, dunes, nature and city. I liked Skagen, the most northern point of Denmark, and Aalborg the most. We were really lucky with the weather. And the dune was really nice.

It was a pity that less than half of the people went out on Saturday in Aalborg. Nevertheless, we had an awesome night.
We partied all night, starting with one hour of free beer in Heidi’s. Aalborg is very lively and there are a lot of students out.

I felt like the trip was longer than 2 days because we experienced so many things 😝


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