Introducing the PR Committee of Fall 2017

During the semester you will probably meet us – the PR Committee – either online through this blog, ESN’s social media channels, or in person as the camera crew, that will make sure that all memories of the various ESN events will be captured.

This semester, ESN Odense is providing you with various events that will make your time in Odense unforgettable. Do you want to collect all the memories in the form of photos and videos, but still want to actively join all the fun activities on the events? No worries, we got you covered!

We will make sure to capture all the fun activities on the events, so that you don’t need to choose between taking pictures or joining the activities. Because there is nothing better in the end than to complement your memories with a bunch of photos of yourself while you are having fun with your friends.

Keep following the blog, so you never miss any of our insider tips on what it is like to live in Odense, or updates about the local events and activities.

This semester, 4 new Active Members joined the PR Committee and they are excited to be a part of this family and we all are excited to meet you all on the various events when we will be there to take some pictures and capture all those great memories.

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