SocialErasmusWeek Spring 2017

Leave Your Mark during the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme

As an international project of the Erasmus Student Network, we are thrilled to host the Spring 2017 edition of SocialErasmus Week during the 30th year of the Erasmus programme, and to show students and young people alike how student mobility is enriched by volunteering.

SocialErasmus Week is organised twice a year by the coordinators of the SocialErasmus project, to unite both international and local students across Europe in activities and events that will make a positive change in their local community.

Between the 3rd and 9th of April 2017, the project coordinators of 40 countries will host events to raise awareness and take action under the 8 causes of SocialErasmus: animals, disasters, discrimination, education, environment, health, poverty, and violence.

While celebrating and enjoying their Erasmus experience, students and young people will have the chance to take part in activities such as food drives and donations, fundraisers, clothes donations, animal shelter visits, educational workshops, and many more.

The SocialErasmus project combines Erasmus exchange and youth volunteering with the slogan ‘Leave Your Mark’, inspiring local and Erasmus students to enrich the society by taking part in the activities.

Some of the highlights from the past editions of SocialErasmus Week were activities such as the Nenäpäivä charity bake sale by ESN Jyväskylä (Finland), Unite Against Racism by ESN Bilbao (Spain), Playdate by ESN Tartu (Estonia), Eko Kosice by ESN Kosice (Slovakia), Dash The Trash! by ESN Eger (Hungary), and Cycling Without Borders by ESN Odense (Denmark).

Cycling Without borders will take place again this year during Social Erasmus Week on the 6th of April 2017. It will be the 5th time that ESN Odense is organizing this event. Cycling without borders is taking Danish seniors on a nice bike ride through beautiful streets and nature in Odense. This event is a coorporation between ESN Odense and Cykling uden alder (, and will take place over two days.

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