Danish Christmas: 5 Must-Try Traditions

Are you planning to travel back home or hoping for a white Scandinavian Christmas this holiday season? Either way, we want to give you a brief introduction to the Christmas traditions you may encounter in the land of fairytales. So, get ready to dive into Julestemning (Holiday mood) head first and let us know if you have some funny or curious insight for us all.

🎅 Julefrokost 🎅

Colleagues, friends and family: all deserve a Christmas feast. If you ask any Dane, their calendars are packed with Christmas lunches (that are actually dinners) starting early in November up to the last days of December. The menu is strictly imposed per tradition: fish starters on rye bread, pork roast main course and risalamande for dessert. The typical drinks accompanying this feast are up to the guests’ taste, but snaps and Christmas beers should definitely not miss.

🎅 Julebryg 🎅

If you have been out in one of the many bars and bodegas in Odense, you have noticed that Christmas decorations have come out rather soon. Every year, on the first Friday of November, the traditional Christmas brew is released nationwide. Odense has its very own Christmas beer, sailing straight out of Albani Brewery along Odense Å. The two versions Blålys and Rødhætte are available exclusively in November and December and make a great gift for a taste of Danish Christmas.

🎅 Julepynt🎅

With an early start of the Holiday season, all crafty minds feed their urge to decorate every room. Christmas decorations are a must in Denmark, especially if you turn it into an excuse to have a cozy (hyggelig) afternoon with cakes and hot beverages. Grab some paper and learn how to fold stars and hearts. You can lay them on your windowsill next to some candles or hang them to your lamps to create a festive and warm feeling. The material can be found in specific stores like Panduro, Søstrene Grene, Flying tiger of Copenhagen and bookstores in general.

🎅 Baking Christmas Away 🎅

In Denmark, as in the rest of the world, Christmas is the best time of the year to get in the kitchen and give a go to your inner baker. If you feel like baking something Danish, you could prepare Brunkager, Pebernødder or Klejner. As you probably guess, spices are key: mmmhh!

🎅 Julemarkeder 🎅

Are you planning to buy some festive knick-knack? Have you embraced the kitch movement by featuring Christmas decorations all year round? Either way, a good reason to visit one of the many Christmas markets around the country. Odense most famous market takes place in the old town, nearby Hans Christian Andersen’s birth house. Get ready for gløgg, cookies,  Christmas carols and horse carriage rides!

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