Movember – Hairy times are ahead of us.



November is the time for pumpkins, heavy fog and mustaches. 

Not everyone goes for mustaches. A mustache is not always sexy. But it’s definitely remarkable. Movember is led by the vision of changing the face of men’s health with a mustache and changing a charity ribbon to a hairy one.Too many men die too early. Men die on average six years earlier than women for reasons that are largely preventable. 

Around fifteen years ago, a few Australian guys decided to let their mustache grow – long before the ironic hipster mustache movement. Also twenty years ago a mustache was not really sexy. But it stand out from the crowd. Since then, Movember has spread all over the world and the crowd of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, how the participants call themselves, is steadily growing. The concept is simple: Do something good, funny or honorable to raise awareness and start a conversation about diseases which are treated as taboos: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

The aim is to raise awareness, educate and raise funds for the Movember Foundation, the only charity acting globally for men’s health – especially for prostate and testicular cancer. Not really sexy topics. But important ones.

Mustaches are growing, awareness is raised, conversations are initiated, and money is raised for research and support programs to stop men dying before their time. Since 2003 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have raised 4.5 billion kr. with a growing number of participants every year. So – are you ready for the next month?

How to start? There are a few ways to participate.

I. Grow a Mo. The Original.

    1. Sign up on
    2. Join the movement on your own or as a team – You are very welcome to join our local Team for Odense!
    3. Before you can start: Shave. And starting from the 1st of November let the hair grow.
    4. Enjoy your mustache – remember: No beards. No goatees.
    5. Collect donations to support the Movember Foundation.

II. Take the MOVEmber challenge. Or watch us being challenged!

All Mo Bros and Sistas can challenge themselves to get active and raise funds for men’s health. Anyone, anywhere can go any distance to support men’s health.  Set yourself a goal at the start of the month and run, swim, walk, cycle or row your way to achieve it. Move a little or a lot.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Get active.
  3. Make it count.

Don’t feel like being active? No worries – we are! Follow our group on Movember and our challenges – the more money is raised the more fun will be there for you to watch! It’s not about winning it’s about having fun, doing good and raising funds along the way. Do something good for you, raise awareness with MOVEmber and collect donations for men’s health. Follow our team on Movember or on Facebook and check out our Instagram account:

III. Celebrate Movember. Host an event or just come by – we got some good ones planned!

Get together for a Movember event – Always a good excuse for a good time. Especially as it is for a good cause! Follow us on facebook and you won’t miss any of them.

So – let the hairy adventure begin and support Movember’s vision to change the face of men’s health!

Keep updated about Movember in Denmark:

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