Top 7 Favorite Cafés in Odense

Are you a coffee-lover? Do you get hungry sometimes? Then keep on reading, because I am about to give you a list of 7 great places in Odense where you can enjoy a delicious meal or chit-chat over a tasty cup of coffee!

As a newcomer in Odense, it can be difficult to navigate through the city and get a good sense of where all the good cafés and restaurants are. Going to cafés and coffee-houses is a huge part of Danish culture, and Danes enjoy bonding over a delicious cup of coffee at a cozy coffeehouse or eating a meal at one of the many cafés we have in Denmark. Especially when it’s cold and rainy (which it usually is in Denmark), people here appreciate a hot cup of coffee with their friends or by themselves while reading a book or catching up on some school work (yes, we go to cafés by ourselves sometimes!)
Here is a list of 7 of my personal favorite cafés or coffee shops in Odense, where the prices are not too bad and the quality is great.

1. Studenterhus
Studenterhuset, which translates to The Student House, is very popular among university students. This is a place where students from different fields of study meet and enjoy each other’s company while sipping on a hot cup of coffee or drinking a cold beer. The café also offers sandwiches, both regular and vegetarian, as well as sweets and fruits! Later in the evening, Studenterhuset also turns into a bar. And you can get all this at very student-friendly prices!
Aside from being a café, Studenterhuset also offers study areas where you can do your school work and it offers events such as concerts, movie screenings, exhibitions, lounge nights and much more! So this is definitely the place to be. And the best part is, the place is run primarily by volunteers which gives the place an informal and unique atmosphere. Studenterhuset is located in the heart of Odense at Brandts Passage which is an area with a lot of other cafés as well.

2. Nelle’s Coffee and Wine
What I absolutely love the most about Nelle’s Coffee and Wine, is the interior and atmosphere inside the café. This is the place to go, when you need a break from work, school or just from shopping. Here, you can chill, relax and recharge while enjoying a cup of coffee, one of their many juices, a glass of wine, or a snack.
Aside from being a place where you can recharge, Nelle’s Coffee and Wine is also used as a place for students to do their school work in a comfy and cozy environment. A lot of students come here to work on a paper or write job applications, because the café makes you feel at home with its nice and pleasant interior. The café is rather quiet, not too noisy, which makes it a perfect café for relaxation or to study, so don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of students with their laptops sitting either in groups or by themselves while sipping on coffee or eating chocolate cake.
Nelle’s Coffee and Wine is located in to different places: Overgade and Pantheonsgade which is also at Brandts Passage.

3. Café Biografen
This café is one of those cafés that are packed during the summer. I have walked by countless times in the summer and looked at all the people sitting at the tables outside and enjoying the weather with delicious food. And I love the summer-vibe! This café is also popular during the other seasons of the year, and is one of Odense’s unique cafés. Not only do they serve delicious food for every taste with a variety of beverages, the café is also a movie theater! “Biograf” is the Danish word for Cinema. The café has three theatres that show independent movies rather than the big Hollywood ones. The atmosphere here is light and cozy, and gives you a feeling of comfort and warmth. I always leave this place in a good mood. Café Biografen is definitely worth a visit and yet another café located in the heart of Odense, Brandts Passage.

4. Baresso
This is my all-time favorite coffee shop in Denmark. This coffee shop is Denmark’s first chain of espresso – and coffeebars. The concept of Baresso is similar to the one of Starbucks. Here you walk in, order an espresso, a tea, an iceblend, or a latte with the flavor of your choice, and you either take it with you on the go, or you can choose to stay and hang out in their many sofas while drinking the coffee. If you get hungry, Baresso also offers paninis, wraps, salads and cakes & cookies.
This coffee shop has more of a busy feeling to it, since most people stop by to get their coffee to-go, but nonetheless, the atmosphere is still cozy and nice. You can really feel the appreciation for coffee and the baristas know their job well. Aside from having skills in making fun latte art, the baristas also have knowledge about the coffee they are serving.
Baresso is located in three different places in Odense. There are two in inner city, one in Vestergade (which is my personal favorite), the other is located at the train station on the upper floor. The third Baresso is placed in Rosengaardcentret, which is a mall. This one is usually the most crowded one, since it is located in a big mall.

5. Café Chino
When I am really hungry for either club sandwiches, café burgers, or a really good pasta dish, I always turn to Café Chino. This place is known for their student-friendly prices and their big portions! I always leave Café Chino with a stuffed stomach which is why I love this place. They also offer a delicious brunch, for the morning people. You can choose to sit either inside or outside. And this place also turns into a bar at night, so you can also get drinks here before a night out. So can you guess where this café is located? If you thought “Brandts Passage”, you were right!

6. Café Kræz
Café Kræz is a perfect example of a typical Danish café. They have it all. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, nachos, steaks, fries, desserts, you name it! This is also one of my favorite cafés, because they have so much to choose from. I have been there so many times and I still haven’t tried everything they have. And the quality is still pretty good. The interior is really inviting and makes you want to sit there as long as possible. During the summer, their outside areas are packed with people. I recommend this place, if you want to try a typical Danish café. This is where Danes in all ages come and enjoy food with either friends or family. Even though the café is sometimes a bit noisy, it still has a cozy feeling to it and is inspired by the American café culture. And at night, the café turns into a night club/bar with live music and sometimes DJ’s for the crowd over 20. Café Kræz is located right next to all the shopping stores, at Gråbrødre Plads (not Brandts Passage).

7. Venchi
Lastly, we have Venchi. This is a brand new café in Odense and is one of the first cafés that offer 100% vegan food. So if you are a vegan or just want to try something new, this is the place for you! This place is not too crowded, which makes it a perfect place if you want to escape the crowd and have a chill dinner with a friend or even a date. They offer sandwiches, nachos, cakes and coffee – all vegan! And the interior, design, and atmosphere really makes you feel at home and relaxed. You are definitely in good hands here! This café is surprisingly not located at Brandts Passage, but in Vestergade close to the shopping street. Another café that is absolutely worth a visit!

So grab your friends or just your laptop and go visit one of these lovely cafés!

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