TOP 9 places to go on a date in Odense


We live in the world, where online dating is so normal, that you are not even surprised by the fact, your friend’s latest relationship started on Tinder. You’re probably also chatting with some cute girl or handsome guy and you would like to ask them out to meet them in person. And here’s where the tricky part starts. If you don’t know the city that well, you might end up asking yourself “where should I take her/him?”. For this case, we have picked our top 9 places to go on a date in Odense!

  1. Artsy date – BRANDTS

The old factory building in the heart of Odense was rebuild as a gallery full of classical and contemporary art. While the top floors always remain the same, the first floor expositions change a few times a year. In addition to paintings and photographs, there is always an interactive part, where you can rediscover your inner child. The entrance fee is 90 DKK, however every Thursday from 17:00 you can visit this awesome place for free!

  1. Sports date – ODENSE BOULDERKLUB

Indoor climbing can be another date possibility, mainly if your crush is into sports. Since it can be quite challenging, you can find out more about the person, while having loads of fun and not feeling that committed. One of the places, you can go climbing is Odense Boulderklub, which also provides some free climbing events (the closest date is 28th May – Facebook event).

  1. Beer date – VIGGOS

In the country of Tuborg and Carlsberg, it is common to have a first date in a pub with glass of beer. And you might know about the offer Viggos have. If you drink 5 litres of beer in one day, you will have your own glass hanging from the ceiling. While having 10 beers on a date is not cleverest idea, you can do this challenge with your friends and then boast about your Viking skills to your date.

  1. Coffee date – NELLE’S

You might have heard about “hygge”, popular Danish untranslatable word which could be above all described as “cosy togetherness”. And except for hygge, Danes also have a huge passion for coffee. Because of that, there are many hyggelige cafés around the whole country, Odense included. There is nothing better than having a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) during the long depressive Danish winter. So, use this opportunity and take your date to one of these candle-illuminated, heart-warming places. My personal favourite place to go is Nelle’s Coffee and Wine at Overgade with their happy hours every day between 6 and 7.

  1. “Know your city better” date

Especially if one or both of you are new in the city, you might like this type of date. As you know, Odense is the birthplace of famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. And since we are really proud of that, the city is full of statues reminding you of his great fairy tales. Play a game who can first guess which fairy-tale the statues are from! Moreover, you can follow his steps and have a beautiful walk around the historical centre.

  1. Music date – MUSIKBIBLIOTEKET

Do you both love music and maybe also play some instruments? Then Musikbiblioteket is an awesome date choice for you! In the ground floor, there are thousands of CDs you can listen to on one of the computers. If you are old soul, you’ll definitely appreciate upstairs, where they keep the collection of LPs. When you find that album, you were looking for in ages, you can sit on a comfortable sofa and play that vinyl on gramophone. Plus, there is a small room with all kinds of instruments. Here you can impress your date with your musical skills or jam with them!

  1. Nature date – KULTURBOTANISK HAVE

There are many parks and green places in Odense, but do you know that there is also small botanical garden? Approximately 3 kilometres east from the city centre, you can find a perfect oasis of calm. Even though you could also sit at the river in Munke Mose, the Botanical garden provides you with more ducks than people, making it an awesome place if you want to be alone and without paranoid thoughts that everyone is checking how your first date goes.

  1. Board-games date – PAPAS PAPBAR

We all know that first dates can be awkward. What should you talk about with person you maybe see for the first time in your life?!? If you are afraid of having that uncomfortable moments of silence, board games are great for you! In Odense, there is a place called Papas Papbar, where there are all the board games you can think of. And if you are not sure about rules, there is always some friendly staff member, who is ready to help you.

  1. Dance date – CAFÉ SIESTA

Last but not least, there is a possibility, that both of you love dancing. In such a case, we have something for you! During June, July and August, you can dance every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 18:00 till 21:00 in Café Siesta next to Eventyrhaven. It’s free and you can improve your skills in various dance styles!


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